Welcome to the Colorado State FireFighters Foundations Page.


The Colorado State Fire Fighter Foundation is established to be a charity whose purpose is to assist Colorado Firefighters and First Responders by undertaking any of the following activities:

  1. To provide training and education in fire safety, including scholarships for such training, to firefighters and other first responders.
  2. To raise funds to support the needs of families of injured or fallen firefighters and other first responders in Colorado.
  3. To raise funds to make grants or scholarships to support the further education of first responders and of family members of injured or fallen firefighters and other first responders in Colorado.
  4. To educate and promote firefighter safety.
  5. To engage in such activities as shall be set forth in the Bylaws which will assist in the accomplishment of those purposes immediately aforementioned.


The CSFFF in conjunction with the CSFFA have designed face shields for the membership of the CSFFA.

If you or your department is a member of the CSFFA then they should be arriving soon.

If you want to become a member of the CSFFA.

Click here

 for CSFFA membership information.

Notice of Telemarketing

The Colorado State Fire Fighters Foundation (CSFFF) is doing telemarketing campaign to raise funds for future fire fighter training and education scholarships, to support training at the annual CSFFA Fire College, and for injured, or fallen fire fighters and families.
These phone calls are from the PB Entertainment group based in Memphis Tennessee. They are the paid solicitors for the CSFFF. We the CSFFF are receiving 25% of the donations directly.

The phone number that we will be calling from one of the following numbers

and the caller ID will say CSFFF.

If they call you back the number will be
970-779-2838 or 970-930-2213

If you have questions feel free to contact one of us listed below
CSFFF President – Josh Bobb – 720-201-6117
PB Entertainment – Paul Baca – 954-655-8414
CSFFF Secretary – Chad Wettstein – 970-425-3995


Departments that we have helped Members

CSFFA Fire College Scholarships
Arvada Fire$750.00
Fairmount Fire$1,100.00
North-West Fire Protection District$550.00
Yuma Fire$900.00
Colorado River Fire$150.00
Wages Fire$375.00
Merino Fire$150.00

Training Scholarships

DepartmentTotal Amount
Holyoke Volunteer Fire Department$15,000
Fleming Volunteer Fire Departement
Yuma Volunteer Fire Department
North-West Fire Protection District
Wages Volunteer Fire Department
Merino Volunteer Fire Department
Otis Volunteer Fire Department
Hillrose/Snyder Volunteer Fire Department
Berthoud Fire Protection District